Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do You Think I'm Beautiful?

Early Saturday morning some friends & I headed to this nice place in Blue Ridge, GA for a Leaders Prayer Retreat for Ladies organized & led by the sweet Mardy Freeman.

There were 15 leader ladies altogether: Moms, a single single, pastor's wives, heads of support groups, the wife of a state congressman, etc. Wonderful women who love the Lord & could use some refreshing & stress-free fellowshipping.

One component of the spiritual freshening-up was speaking to NO ONE except the Lord before 11 a.m. to give everyone plenty of quiet time for prayer, meditation & reading.
Laughing, crying, dancing & singing were optional.

Once I got out of this bed in the a.m. I could help myself to breakfast laid out in the kitchen & wander all around the quiet hills & house but was not supposed to even say "Good morning" to

my roommate, Betty, which, as some of you who know me well can guess, was challenging to my constitution!

The first day there during some free time, I looked through the stack of books beside the bed, glad to see them because I had not brought any extra reading materials with me. I know you are shocked but I tell you true, this librarian brought only my Bible & a notebook.

The little stack of books on the bedside table included one Thomas Nelson published in 2003 called "Do You Think I'm Beautiful?" by Angela Thomas, a title this practical person would avoid under normal circumstances. I prepared to endure the book, expecting it to be so girly I would gag. Surprisingly enough, it was good. Interesting. Funny even.

Mardy told us in advance that she felt led to focus her testimony talks (not to be confused with teaching, said she, since she doesn't need stricter judgment - James 3:1) on speaking the truth in our minds. Monday morning as I (silently) read in the Beautiful book, I was astounded to find that Angela Thomas was addressing that very topic. So well did the book apply that I, when Mardy breezed through at 11 a.m. with "Good morning! You can talk now!" asked her if she had planted it in my room.

She sat down & listened as I read to her what I had just devoured a few minutes prior & with tears streaming, agreed that this was planted by God Himself for our additional edification. PTL! He is so good to us!

How valuable did I find the words to my soul?
I am purchasing one for the library AND one for me - to write in! :-)
And I can say with confidence that it really doesn't matter how the world sees me because my Father Who made me, delights in me.

I am beautiful in His eyes.


Alice said...

and you are beautiful to me, too! love you, patti :)

Patti said...

Love you back, beautiful friend.

Shelby said...

Great post - Patti!! I think I will get a copy of the book as well.

Tammie said...

Yeah! Love How God goes before and behind us!!