Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sewing Camp Day 2

Ms. Linda blessed us at the start of the day by reading some scripture from Exodus about the tabernacle instructions given to Moses. She said that when studying this passage she was impressed that wise-hearted women whose hearts were touched were doing the sewing, not just any women with that talent/skill. It made me think about how, when we consecrate our gifts to the Lord, He will use us to accomplish His purposes. How blessed to be used to do the Lord's work, to be His hands!

Instructed to cut out eight 3 inch squares of coordinating fabric (at least two) to make a mini pillow pincushion, everyone got busy choosing and cutting. Rachel decided to use the horse fabric strips so had to do some "fussy cutting" to place horse heads inside those 3 inch blocks.
Ms. Linda used her fabric pen to draw a seam allowance line one- quarter of an inch from the edge along one side of each two block set, right sides of the fabric towards each other.

The girls got busy sewing.

Meanwhile, Jacob showed such interest in the proceedings that his mama instructed him in whipping out a tote bag like the girls made yesterday.

Stuff those pin cushions! Poke that fiber fill into those corners. Feed them until they are full and overflowing - then stuff in a little more.

Do you have a hemostat in your sewing box?
Me neither. Yet.
It was useful for pulling that huge needle through the poofy pillows to tie down tightly prior to adding the buttions.

It was after noon. Project number one was nearly completed - just gotta choose snazzy buttons to accent the pin cusions.

THEN Ms. Linda reminded everyone that they had a second project to sew today so cut out a piece of cloth 13.5 x 6 inches. They scurried to choose fabric to cut then followed their directions in sewing & ironing, folding & flipping and then, tada! a kleenix cover.

>>>If you don't know of what I speak, just click on the pic to enlarge. Oh, do it anyway so you can see how creative these young ladies are.

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