Friday, July 17, 2009

Last Day of Sewing Camp

Where did we leave the sewing camp crew yesterday?

In the pool!
We really did get out & go home.
But we did not swim today.

We focused instead on finishing up a couple of yesterday's projects.
>>Swimming pool opened at noon yesterday.
I'm sure you understand.

Then the girls made full size pillowcases.

Got the drill yet?
Select & cut fabric to specific sizes.
Rachel had cats.


Grace & Veronica had horses.

Iron some more.
Maybe do some pinning.

Show off with flair the lovely creations ready to adorn girly bedrooms.

Ms Peggy thought a wall hanging incorporating some squares from fabric brought by each girl would make a nice memento. She & I put together this one for Ms. Linda & sent home with each girl a stack of 6 squares.

Sewing camp homework:
Make your wall hanging.

Other Sewing Camp memories:

Non-campers watching movies on Ms Peggy's portable DVD player.

Learning to use the sharp rotary cutters.

Ms. Linda of the Sew Diva Kids Camp & many encouraging words.
She SAID "no helicopters" to alleviate hovering.
But I know the TRUTH.
I think she enjoyed seeing the mom's working with their daughters as much as she liked teaching the girls. :-) This camp provided an opportunity for some mother-daughter bonding, and I'm not talking about the inter facing.

Courtesy of Christi
And let's not forget the marvelous fruity muffins baked fresh daily by George. Yum!

New friends to pal around with.

Sewing Camp: $40 plus materials, time, energy, effort and some frustration.

Spending time with friends, learning some new skills, discovering part of the Great Designer in yourself
- we are made in His Image after all:


Alice said...

that's excellent that rachel (and you) got to have this experience. we used to do a sewing camp with 4-H every summer. it was always a lot of fun. you learn some good stuff and you've got beautiful projects to take home and you make a bunch of new friends. wow!

lindasewcrazy said...

Great job again Patti. And the mention of George a perfect touch. He loved it:}

Patti said...

Thanks, Alice. I haven't heard of a 4H sewing camp in Clay. It could be a project option for the support group if we have a mom to lead/teach it who can figure out how to work something like this in our monthly snippits.

Glad George was pleased, Linda. We certainly enjoyed the muffins. Hugs!

It was a fun week. Even better than horse camp - especially since I didn't have to plan anything. :-)

Cardamom said...

What a neat idea for a camp!