Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Country Day Parade Prep

One of the cool things about our small town is the Our Country Day Parade with an arts/crafts show combo. Rachel has yet to return from Power Plant so I showed up in her stead to help with decorating the American Heritage Girl entry upon which her tired self may ride in the morning.

This year's parade theme is Past, Present and Future. Aren't these signs terrific?

Everyone pitched in: tucking, tying, wrapping, pinning, stretching, measuring, cutting, calling home saying, "Honey could you bring the _______ to the church for the float?" That last one was me.
Three times. But he didn't mind. He's the best. :-)

Here are dresses from the past so girls can represent specific historical women of integrity. Don't recall WHO but you'd recognize their names if I told ya!

It's almost finished. In the morning, flags will be erected at each corner: current USA flag & a 48 star, AHG flag & the Christian flag. Some girls will ride & wave while others will walk along with tootsie roll attached AHG informative bookmarks & Marti Gras beads to give to the parade watching multitude . You think I jest? Just wait for tomorrow's pictures.


Alice said...

what time does the parade start? your float looks awesome :) the kids will have a great time!

Lehmansterms said...

I enjoyed having Rachel at PowerPlant this week! We saw her at the parade and tried to catch her attention, but she was on the other side of the street.

luke and wyatt's mom said...

The float looked great! I saw Rachel-she didn't look too tired :)

Tell Stan "Thanks again!" for me-he saved my hearing by warning me about the canon!

Alice said...

these are great, patti! the girls did an awesome job both on the float and in the parade!