Thursday, July 9, 2009

VBS 2009

The Boom-a-rang Express:
It all comes back to Jesus.

Australia themed.

I got to be tour guide for 5th & 6th grade girls.

Brother Jason started the day out in the sanctuary.

The week's slogan.

What's the first thing you think of when someone says Vacation Bible School?Arts n-Crafts

We did some every day.
And everyday the craft people did an excellent job reminding us WHY we are at VBS: memory verses!
And application. They did that too. With glue & stickers.

Bible study led by Bro. Jeff focused on Peter - but you know, it all comes back to Jesus!
He kept their attention by keeping them involved plus kept the main thing, the main thing. Great job, Bro. J!

Preschool Missions provided a VBS mascot:
Milly the bearded dragon.

After entering the ship bound for various locations, students listened to Missions teacher, Ms. Cope.

This years' missions project is packing some boxes with goodies to send to overseas military so one recently returned citizen soldier spoke to the VBSers about life "over there" then a couple of wives shared about the trials of family life when a spouse is in harms way.
An excellent missions project, in my opinion.

Rachel was working with preschoolers so got to visit with Milly every day.

I included this pic because I knew you wanted to see her again. :-)

Creative snacks - one of the cool VBS memories.

The imaginative ladies who put them together.

I think these were the sheep head cupcakes.
and fuzzy.

Schedules were reworked so that the kids got to have recreation awa arts & crafts every day.

Rainy weather caused the Rec. guys to go to plans B (basketball court)

and C (Epi Center)

My faithful sidekick, Rachel got to carry around a didgeridoo one day. Musta been over 20 kiddos slobber on attempt to blow that thing.

Speaking of music...
The lyrics & music from the past 12 VBS' are crammed into my brain & keep spilling out when that section of memory is accessed so I've been singing about Star Quests, Rickshaw Rallys & yodeling.

I'm so glad I could be a part of it this year too.
But don't watch me when I try to do the hand motions & sing at the same time. You might crack a rib laughing. :-)


Michele said...

Great pictures and narration. Thanks.

Alice said...

i expect you'll do fine with your hand motions - just make them up as you go along, nobody will ever notice :O). i loved all the photos and the journey through VBS - awesome!