Monday, July 13, 2009

Caleb's Newest Adventure

Calendering out our summer schedule, I was so disappointed to find that Caleb would be out of town for both of the camping/hiking/canoeing events his scouting troop had planned. Bummer.

When I was complaining whining explaining what had happened to a friend who is also a Boy Scout troop leader, he invited Caleb to go to camp with his troop, which included his oldest son.

Details, costs & paperwork had to be figured out but, PTL, everything came together!

Here are Caleb & Cody as Stan is about to take them to the troop meeting spot about 5 a.m. Sunday. They will be spending the week in North Carolina at Camp Daniel Boone. They will be living in a tent all week, were told to pack everything in ziplocks to try to keep'em dry & are hoping to come home with up to five more merit badges.

This trip is probably a bigger deal to me than it is to Caleb because this is the FIRST time he's gone off for any major period of time without having siblings along. As I said on FB, I expect he will do great & I will greatly pray. :-)

Caleb's taken the kid's camera with him but having seen what they've come home with before, I'm making no promises.

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