Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big Creek Missions Staff Return Home

We had all summer to re-do Jacob's room but it was a busy summer and PTL a wet one - I think we've gotten over 30 inches.

Which made it a little harder to get going on Jacob's room. Remember we started on July 23 by pulling up carpet & removing the baseboards. The kids did most of the painting while Stan & I ran some errands in town prior to my visiting the beautiful Blue Ridge in GA. Stan painted the ceiling while I was gone.

Then it rained every afternoon while he was home & could work on the floor until last Thursday. He dodged raindrops Thursday, Friday and Saturday but persisted!

Those cuts for the closet & door jams plus that small section to complete the wall required precise measurements. He did such a great job. See his saw horse set up on the porch?

Meanwhile, Rachel, Caleb & I worked on the baseboards; cleaning, sanding, re-staining and INSTALLING in the areas where the floor was finished. We re-hung the freshly washed curtains & blinds too. Have I mentioned that it was Saturday & we were picking the kids up Sunday a.m.? :-)

Everyone helped. Caleb was Stan's right hand man with the initial floor installation in the dining room & hall so he was right there to assist with the difficult against-the-wall pieces.

Stan placed the last piece of doorframe, reinstalled the door and the room was finished. Sweeping the floor clean prepared it for furniture which was carried in & reassembled.
All before bedtime Saturday night.

We watched their plane land then greated them with, yes, photos! and hugs. It was so good to see them. They had some difficulty outdoors missing the KY hills & speak of returning to Big Creek Missions next year.

Speaking of Big Creek Missions, here's the last summer update by my cousin, Kevin:

Friday afternoon posted ‎‎Jul 31, 2009 1:46 PM‎‎
by Kevin Rogers

Good afternoon, friends! Today, our teams are wrapping up their ministries for the week. The daycamp teams are currently hanging out with the kids here at Big Creek during the LiveWire services. This evening, the children will be presenting a mini-musical called, "GPS" at the park in Hyden.

Our construction teams are tying up all the loose ends and are helping close things out for the summer. Our next teams won't be in for about a month, so we're hoping to finish as many projects as possible.

This has been a fantastic summer, and God has blessed us in immeasurable ways. Our best estimates have over 100 people believing and confessing Christ as their Lord for the first time this summer. Glory be to God!

Thank you for your prayers and support. Without your prayers and support, Big Creek Missions would not exist. We are available to host groups on mission any time of the year. I hope you'll consider bringing a group during the fall and spring months to continue building the relationships that have been formed this summer!

We look forward to seeing what all God has in store for us . . .

Until Big Creek 2010 . . . . Go serve!

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Alice said...

yay! glad they are home and all went well. how did jacob like his room?