Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dragon Reading

I've just polished off the final two novels in the Dragon Keepers Series by Donita K. Paul and must say that I've enjoyed these allegorical Christian fantasy novels. I like how her varied characters have relationships, grow spiritually, share and learn to live by "principles" based on scripture all while having fantastic magical adventures.

Oh, and the dragons are really cool too.
Wait - make that HOTT. :-)

When I popped over to the official website I was delighted to find, not only info on her materials but a library scavenger hunt (hint: these books are in our church library), advertisement for her newest book Vanishing Sculptor which starts a new series based in the same imaginary land and was just released last month. We don't have it in the library yet so if anyone is interested in donating it...

Other items to note:
Her resources section which includes tips for writers and links for home educators

Interactive activities including a monthly drawing & the above mentioned library book hunt

Fun stuff including games "for the dilly dallier in all of us"

Her personal testimony
She came to know the LORD through the reading of His Word.
Make it a priority!


Alice said...

patti - i loved this series! in fact, i just finished reading the Vanishing Sculptor. It was very good. It would make a good book for the library :).

Alice said...

addition - sorry i can't donate my copy. it was the first book i downloaded on my Kindle - my new digital book reader :)

Patti said...

The bane of libraries everywhere!
Thanks for the comments, Alice. I hope more folks at church read the series.

Alice said...

patti - duplicate messages everywhere i can find you - will you look at my blog now and see if whitney got her feet back yet? thanks :)