Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten Stories NOT in the News

I found this to be interesting & thought you might also:


Reminded me that things that go on in the world reflect things that happen in individual lives. Do you, as I do, spend too much time focusing in one or two areas that other things may be neglected, MAYBE on purpose?

My choices for my life will not have the long term consequences for the world that the above mentioned government policies will, if passed. Sigh!! Yet as this morning's Bible reading & Pastor's Sunday sermon (May All Who Come Behind Me Find Me Faithful) point out, my decisions will certainly impact my own life awa that of those around me.

So I want to do it right! Only with God's help is a semblance of that even remotely possible.

Lord, help me to see all that I'm supposed to & not neglect things that need attention. Please open the eyes of our government leaders that they will not continue down this destructive path of socialism. Please open the eyes of the nation to see the truth and let Your Truth set us all free.

Friday, June 11, 2010

How would you live if you knew it was your last day?

But who knows that? I had no idea 25 years ago on my way to work that a bad car accident would alter my life: marriage, work, day-to-day activities, the works. The life I once had was so changed that

I count today as my 3rd birthday.

My first birthday was when I was born physically.

The second was when I gave my life to the Lord & He gave me a new heart.

25 years ago as my '69 Mustang spun out of control from one side of the highway into oncoming traffic:
"I cried unto to the Lord with my voice and He heard me out of His holy ear." (from "Thou O Lord")
I really did. I looked right up into His face and called to Him, "Oh, God!!!"
He heard me and I did not die.

Some driving past thought, "Someone must have died in this horrible accident." Some prayed for me. Some came to see me in the hospital. Some nearly passed out in the hall. Some sent flowers and cards.

I thought, "If I were dead, this wouldn't hurt so much - but my poor new husband Stan."

Some doctors said, "If this, if that, if only ________, you would have died." Then several used their God-given skills to put me back together so that eventually all my parts worked the right way again.

Some others looked at everything and said, "God is not finished with you yet."

I lived and healed and grew.
And I said, "Thank You, God, for LIFE. This life is Yours, whatever You give me to do."
Then He blessed me with a stronger marriage, a closer walk, an appreciation for life, the knowledge that I can survive pain and be stronger for it.

Every day is a gift indeed.
So live it that way.
You do not know what tomorrow holds. I pray you know WHO holds your tomorrow.