Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sewing Camp Day 4

We kicked off our shoes and jumped right into today's sewing project: a cloth basket for the bedchamber.

Measuring & dissecting fabric into 9.5 X 13.5 pieces - 2 of each, the girls once again chose some coordinating colors and practiced their skillful use of the rotary cutters.

The boys, having discovered this blog, clamored for some equal time.

Boys happily jumped on the trampoline.

Meanwhile, the girls ironed inner facing cut 8.5 x 12.5, rough side toward the fabric so it won't stick to the iron onto the wrong side of one of their cloth sections. Ms. Linda explained that it would help stiffen the fabric so the baskets would stand up. No one wants a lazy, sleeping basket.

Boys enjoyed running around in the yard being chased by the miniature bull large dog who lives there & answers to the name of Duke. Macho name.

As the girls carefully sewed the short ends then refolded and pressed those sewn edges making stripes down the middle and sewed the open long sides.

Some boys were swinging

while some girls carefully measured then cut out two inch squares from each corner

then pulled those freshly cut edges into a straight line and sewed them flat to make bottom basket edges.

At this point the baskets were turned right-side-out through a hole left for that purpose with that wonderful hemostat. What would they do without it?

As one nameless young lady stuffed her excess cloth into her bag I heard Ms. Linda say, "Don't scrunch fabric! I love fabric."
You ARE supposed to fold it to put it away.
Don't look in my bag...

Several of the moms prepared for the next day by cutting out pattern sections.

While the girls were cutting and pressing into shape tabs for the sides, chose two buttons to hand-sew on for decoration then

The finished (or nearly so) products.
Don't they look great? I know you are wishing YOU had one for YOUR dresser.

Yes, I've made a big deal out of this shot because once again I have failed to secure a photo of everyone with their creations.
Why not?
Because everyone wanted to go SWIMMING!

We're planning to have more fun tomorrow.


lindasewcrazy said...

I approve Patti although I think miniature bull is a bit strong:}

Patti said...

True. He has no horns. :-)