Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big Creek Missions Update #6 - Halfway Mark

Here are some updates & comments from my cousin, Kevin.

Kevin Rogers is so thankful . . . for such a great staff, hundreds of amazing volunteers . . . and the opportunity to serve at Big Creek. Today is the halfway-day of the entire summer. How sad that it comes to an end in 4.5 weeks. :*( posted July 1

Week 5 - Tuesday Jun 30, 2009 9:41 AM
by Kevin Rogers

We are very thankful for another wonderful crew of volunteers this week. From a staff perspective, we're blessed to have so many encouragers this week. These adults and students are full of laughter, joy, and enthusiasm! in addition, their willingness to serve is WONDERFUL!
Today is our first full day on site. All the groups have left for their worksites and are beginning to serve in their areas of ministry. Yesterday was a half day of service. Students will be working throughout three counties, providing home repairs on at least seven homes, providing three daycamps for children, and serving in a multitude of community ministries. Each of these ministries is designed to share the hope of Christ with every person we come into contact with

Continue to pray for the staff (pictured - see Jacob & Maryn on the far left?) as they are serving non-stop! Tomorrow marks the half-way point for the staff this summer, and although they are as encouraging, enthusiastic, and energetic as ever, I know they will need that extra "prayer boost". We're thankful for such a WONDERFUL staff. They are a talented crew of young men and ladies. We are BLESSED to have them serve at Big Creek! Until tomorrow. . . .Kevin

Please do keep the entire staff in prayer. Sleep seems to be the favorite FB topic of my favorite people there.
I snagged some pictures from an album that had tagged Jacob.

Here's your typical elementary school hallway lined with coolers for the day's work.

Photos were labeled "week one", when the crew he was working with turned this porch into a room. J is wearing the green backpack.

I included this photo so you could see all the junk treasured mementos stuff on the porch that had to be moved.

That's J on the ground. Standing.

First comes the teardown. See J (wearing red) supervising?

Measure twice, cut once.

Yes, that's J! I figured he'd be doing more than watching. :-)

There he is wearing green.

And the last photo from this job site.

If you don't recognize him by now, I ain't sayin'. :-)

Tuesday Excitement
posted Jun 30, 2009 9:33 PM by Volunteer Editor

As we have initiated another great week of missions + ministry here at Big Creek, God continues to do amazing things!

Today Megan's community group helped by preparing funfetti cupcakes for Manchester and Sand Hill daycamps! In the afternoon they spent time purchasing one week of meals for a local family. According to their community group it was awesome to bless an older couple with food & be able to spend time with them also.

We have multiple construction groups on many different projects. One group is working to repair a well pump-a much needed source of water for a family! Jaren's group is working on a wheelchair ramp while Douglas' group is attempting to tear down two chimneys. AJ & James are working hard on a flooring project with a great family in our community.
This week we are experiencing lots of great projects...but we are emphasizing that relationship building and sharing Jesus comes before any project!! Also, God sent us many wonderful construction workers both experienced and newcomers. We are so grateful!!

Daycamps are reporting great turn-outs this week. Today Hyden reported attendance of twenty children. Lessons are focused on studying the planets and creation this week. Please pray for all of our students and staff as they seek to make impact with Jesus love!

Tonight we are super pumped about the air guitar competition at Night Life! It promises to be a great time of fellowship & fun!


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looks good, patti! i know they are having a great time, accomplishing a lot, and being a blessing to many! and that you are so proud of them :O) --- me, too!