Saturday, July 25, 2009

Doing the Tangelo Twist

When Andrew was cleaning out his snake tanks last week, I held Tangelo. He hugged back.

I forgot how partial he is to small openings.

Surprise! A snake through my belt loop.

I couldn't talk him out of exiting.

I walked into the dining room wearing my fancy corn snake shorts ornament.

Then he wiggled around front & found another loop - while still residing in the back loop. He really looked like a belt now.

Andrew listened carefully to Tangelo's tale of being a fashion accessory. The bright lights & loud music were just too much for him.


Alice said...

well you've got a lot more cool than i do! whoa!

Cardamom said...

What a beautiful snake! I'm showing this to my son right now - he wants to breed corn snakes...