Monday, July 13, 2009

Sewing Camp Day 1

Recently I received an e inviting Rachel to a sewing camp, suggesting that here was a chance to begin working on the requirements for earning an American Heritage Girls sewing badge.

"COOL!" thought I.

I've sewn a little in the past but have yet to set up that spot for my machine & materials to live while I work on any big project. Needless to say, I've done very little sewing with my darling daughter so was thrilled at this opportunity for her to learn & me to get a refresher.

Ms. Linda explained to the girls that they will today create a tote bag using two of the fat quarters (one fourth of a yard measuring approx. 18 x 22 - yes, I had to ask someone) they were instructed to bring. She reminded them that as artists, no matter how things turn out they can always say that they did it that way on purpose.

I like her!

Rachel was blessed with some fabric from a friend so had to measure then cut these kitties to size. Ms. Linda told Rachel that she was learning more this way as she explained about the proper directioning of the cloth to determine cuts and how to measure & cut using her cool quilting tools. Rachel discovered that she would have a little extra work to keep the cats all right side up on her bag - one extra seam along the bottom for each sides of the reversible tote. That's inside & outside until you reverse them then it's inside & outside again only different material this time - oh, never mind!

There was ironing involved too.

Several moms (including moi) brought their sewing machines from home so the girls could familiarize themselves with what they'd later have access so they could continue learning & utilizing their new skills.
You know all we moms will be asking our daughters to whip up some great new fashions. They will all become famous designers garnering accolades from around the world.
Or maybe help with some of the mending. :-)

She's smiling now, but my Singer has some tension issues that did bring on some frustrations from both the females that live at its home. Call it a reluctant performer.
Then there were the steps to learn: Put your foot down then hold the tails before you step on the pedal Or you unthread the machine and get to redo it OR you build a sloppy rats nest of thread on the underside of your fabric.
As Linda said, "When that happens, grab a frog & "Rippit."

Here are the lovely seamstresses with their creations.

Another reason to like sewing: No shoes required.


Alice said...

good project, great results, and a lot of happy faces :O)

Jared, Brittany & Charlotte said...

Mrs. Patty,
You and Rachel should check out my sister-in-law's new blog, She has some great tutorials, lots of explanations and instructions, and is great for inspiration for new projects! (I should get a commission, really!) It's great for beginner/intermediate seamstresses.

Patti said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, Alice.
And thank you, JB&C for the blog info. I will plan to visit it soon!