Friday, September 10, 2010

Cruise 2: And We Waited

After lunch, while we waited for our room to be available, we explored the ship. Here is a cut-away model found on deck 3.

Looking at the port, enjoying the breeze. Did I mention that it was a cloudy, wet weekend?

Here is the central curved glass elevator that actually worked part of the time.

Kids area.

Almost suppertime.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Return of the Squirrel Mama

A most anxious voice on my answering machine requested assistance in caring for a baby squirrel.

I returned his call wondering if Rachel would be willing to raise another. (Do a site search for squirrel if you want to see the others.) With the rats in her room & mouse-sitting for the weekend, I really wasn't sure what she would say.

I had her pick up the other phone so she could hear his story:
He has a chihuahua. An 18 pounder who is buff & thinks he is Rambo or Rocky or some other tough dude. He is a killer of small animals who infringe on his back yard space.

This dog would not leave his crate yesterday. The man, suspecting "Rambo" had hidden in his crate something that he was not supposed to have, investigated and discovered the baby squirrel, which appeared unharmed.

"Rambo" had to carry the squirrel inside from outside, up steps, through a pet door and through the house to put it into his crate. Then he had kept it warm (the main cause of orphan squirrel death).

But, as the owner noted, "Rambo" couldn't feed the poor thing and with his family schedule, he didn't have time to give it proper care; it needed a new home. Soon.

Could you turn down an orphan with an amazing story like that?

Neither could my daughter.

Meet Acacia.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Journey of 1000 Miles Begins with a Boarding Pass

Stan & I hit a milestone in March > 25 years of marriage. That's a journey of thousands of miles that begins with an "I do." :-)
So, in celebration we decided to do something different.
(It helped a lot that Caleb happened to win a cruise just when we were trying to decide what different/special/monumental thing we could afford do.) Then in early August, we did it.

I was relieved to see this as we were signing in. After all, everyone hears about how a cruise is like living at a 24 hour buffet Now I could be sure that I'd get some exercise...

There were a number of these signs posted over the area where all our important papers were perused. Stan convinced me not to photograph them all which is why I can't share all that light touristy wisdom with you. Feel free to thank him when you see him. :-)

We are boarding the ship!
"Would I get sea sick? What did our room look like? Did each room have its own bathroom? Would I get sea sick? Would we meet some nice people? Did I bring appropriate clothes? Would I get sea sick? What else do we have to pay for? Will Stan be let back into the country since we didn't have time to get his passport? I sure hope I don't get sea sick."

Those of you who do the cruise thing on a regular basis are probably laughing at my insecurity and questions but really, didn't you wonder at least SOME of those things before your first trip?

First thing scheduled upon boarding, several hours before the rooms were ready?
All was good.

Still wondering if we get our own bathroom...

A Couple of Special People

recently celebrated birthdays!
One is my mom, dressed beautifully in the the outfit she wore to Jacob & Maryn's wedding, accompanied by the remaining household grandkids also decked out in their wedding attire, behaving themselves nicely.

In this photo I'm just a-tired. LOL :-)

The other is Stan's dad, who you can recognize here as the gentleman politely ignoring the ruffians who stand behind him as the partner in crime father of said ruffians cracks up.

And doesn't he look nice in pink salmon?

Dad just celebrated his 83rd. He said that he & Stan's mom are not planning another big birthday bash for him, as they had when he turned 80, until he turns 90, but I agree with Stan: every year, every day is a gift.
Especially if you can celebrate it with ruffians like mine. :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Andrew Again

Today this handsome young man with a wreath on his shoulder will wear this new suit to college because after his classes are completed for the day he is being interviewed for a scholarship.

We received the call about him being a finalist prior to him telling us he had applied - life is busy these days - then he played phone tag with the person doing the scheduling for several days. He was told to dress formally as for a job interview so I was very glad he had the suit in his closet and had already broken it in. I'm sure his time spent in a tux didn't hurt any either.

You may think it strange that I'm harping on about what he is wearing but his job as a helpful hardware man requires attire of a decidedly different demeanor. Can you picture him feeding & cleaning up after critters (lizards, snakes, turtles, fish, various rodents), loading up plants & bales of hay or bags of fertilizer, rocks, dirt or filling chlorine containers while wearing a tie? And he has to work on Sundays so usually attends the early service (PTL we have one!) in his nicest work clothes. Days for him to dress up tend to be few so I do my best to make the most of them. :-)

Like today. The interview. The potential scholarship. Yes, prayers are always appreciated. Thank you!

This afternoon he is one of who knows how many vying for the prize BUT the only one I know who can pull off that wreath bit & still look dashing.