Thursday, July 23, 2009

Creative Destruction

I messed up.

There is no "before" photo and I refuse to put that ugly orange carpet back so that I can take one. Deal with it.

Here is Jacob's room devoid of furniture, carpet & curtains. Rachel & I had just finished pulling up all the little board monsters with teeth that hold the carpet in place from around the room's edge. She was sweeping up splinters and all the little parts of our fingers the carpet monsters chewed off. But there was no blood so don't gag.

Stan plans to install wood laminate flooring. I know the concrete would work & may currently be fashionable if stained the proper color but I need that wood laminate out of my workshop so I can turn it into a craft room. 1+2=5!

Hoping to hide that around-the-edge required spacing , we decided that the wood trim needed to be pulled. I went to figurin' & decided that marking the boards & wall so that we'd know from whence each piece came could make the re-install easier. But how to mark them? Numbers? Too boring. Directions? Which way is north REALLY?

Then I hit upon an idea that would make Tom Sawyer proud:
To encourage participation in this portion of room destruction, I declared naming rights.

Rachel loved it! I think she pulled 10 boards before I got back to the room. Maryalow, LaFonda, Cameron, TJ...

Her enthusiasm so impressed me that I named my first board after her then contributed some fruit of the Spirit: patience, joy, peace

to encourage my favorite handyman when he gets to nails the boards back on.
Which will be pretty soon since J & M only have a little over a week left in KY. Remember to pray for them!
And Stan.
As he matches up all those boards with the funny creative names.
NOTE: This is my 200th post. :-)


Alice said...

Yay! on your 200th post! I love how you named your boards - fun :O).

Patti said...

Thanks, Alice, you encourager, you. :-)

I considered doing something commemorative but wanted to write about what we were doing.