Monday, July 6, 2009

Free for Faith, Family, Friends

The American Heritage Girl pledge says it all.
The girls peeked at me as I grabbed a shot as we loaded up to drive to our parade spot.

Which was in the sun. But thankfully there was a nice shady area across the street where the girls could get their hair done - a beautimus ribboned up-do, off their necks. Yay, Ms Traci!

Jacqui helped position everyone for the judges drive by at 10:15. Ross cranked up the music so the girls could sing-a-long with their theme song.

Then the girls waited some more.

We were in spot number 31 and were not at the end of the line.

Rachel was exhausted from Power Plant but willing to work wherever placed.

We'd gotten the "forward HO!" call so prepared to move out.
I kept watch over two young girls from my spot in the back seat of the air conditioned van. The view was great & the photos didn't come out too shabbily either.
And we were off!
Robert wore his Boy Scout uniform while driving commemorating the Memorandum of Mutual Support which was signed in June at the AHG National Leadership Conference in Cincinnati reflecting that Boy Scouts of America & AHG share the same values. We found this very exciting because in its 100 year history, this is the first partnership of this type formed by the Boy Scouts.
I asked Caleb if he'd wear his BSA uniform & ride too but he wasn't THAT excited about it...

People line up all along the parade route but really bunch up in the shady sections.

Rachel & her partner, Grace, work the right side of the street.

All that smilin', singin', wavin' and decoratin' paid off as the troop won one of 3 trophies presented at this parade: Best Youth Float
It was so funny watching the excited Ms Jacqui run from the front to the back & all around the sides of the trailer showing all the girls, "We won a trophy!"
The Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts won for most patriotic. I knew you'd be wonderin'.
And the parade paraded along.

Notice the booths on the right side. I've heard there were all kinds of nifty crafty things for sale but never ventured therein this year.

After the parade, everyone clambered on board & we headed back to the church to turn the float back into a trailer.

But first, a group photo.
Afterwards, Jacqui was shaking her head & grinning. "This time last year we were talking and having meetings [about starting the troop]. It's our first year and we already won a trophy!"
Her hubby mentioned that the church now needed a trophy case...
After quick naps and scrounging up some goodies we were off again to Billy & Traci's place. Here's some guys not yet grillin'.

And Traci in her kitchen prior to the invasion of about 30 friends (mostly the short, messy sort). Yes, those are scrumptious strawberries & that top plate was soon filled with delish blueberries. Yes, those are ice cream freezers churnin' up vanilla & orange sherbet. No, I will not tell you the WHOLE menu, it would be too cruel.
Before everyone else arrived, we snuggled with some 10 day old golden puppies.

You know you have good friends when they lend you their dog for your nap.

And their youngest for your lap.

We hope your Independence Day was happy too and filled with the things that truly matter: faith, family & friends.

God bless America.
One nation under God.

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