Thursday, July 16, 2009

There's More to Life than Sewing Camp

Espcially for Andrew who broke down on his way home from work Tuesday.

For the past two days, Stan's been trying to get Sport back up & runnin' from where it died. He's researched, bought new parts & scavenged in a junk yard. He got it started earlier today.
Bruummm. Cough. Choke. Silence.

I got to drive the Beast (I think we keep it as our own personal tow truck) to drag Sport home.

Only lost it once.
On 214.

The sad part about that was that Andrew had to call me on the walkie to let me know they were adrift on the road since I was looking ahead rather than keeping my eyes on THEM at that time. I didn't go too far.
And I came back for them.

The REALLY SAD deal is that Andrew just got Sport home after having major work done on it & our mechanic's job has taken him out of the country.

You can see why Andrew is not so "all about" Sewing Camp.
But he thought the >$16 he pulled out of his car coinage stash was pretty cool.

Caleb is at Boy Scout Camp this week and will probably be greatly surprised at all the cool things Rachel made this week because even though he knew she was going, I expect he's not given his sister's activities a single thought.
Would YOU were you at Camp Daniel Boone engaged in all manner of Boy Scouting?
I thought not.


What about Jacob & Maryn you ask?
I'm glad you mentioned them.
You HAVE been praying for them, RIGHT? :-)

I'm not sure they know about sewing camp even though I mentioned it in an e to Jacob. They are very busy you know.
OH! Maybe you don't since I've not recently updated you.
Here's the latest from the Big Creek Missions Web Site :

Ramblings of Thursday
Jul 16, 2009 7:51 AM
by Volunteer Editor
We have made it to the last two days of missions training for week 7 here at Big Creek Missions. As we approach an overcast Thursday, we pray that God would truly reveal himself in this day!

Daycamps are planning a wonderful Friday Powersource service for all the kids. If you aren't familiar with our Fridays, we always bring the children from daycamp to our facility. During this time we host a special GPS themed worship service and have fun games for the kids. Tomorrow we will be having a reading day-where we are picking the classics from Dr. Seuss and other known childrens books...we are even having green eggs and ham!

Construction is continuing to have a highly successful week with repairs, roofs, and other much needed home projects.
Jacob mentioned the other day that the porch his group is building is coming along.

Community visited the Hazard Nursing Home, Hazard Community Center, Horizon Senior Center, and God's Closet. Our kids really get the chance to learn alot about what loving people in "everyday living" means. Pray for them today-this ministry is hard, tiring, and at times discouraging.

Maryn mentioned last week that she led a worship service at a Senior Center and earlier this week she worked in God's Closet.

She is not a doctor but she plays one on TV.

Tomorrow night we are excited about attending bluegrass "pickin and grinnin" outdoors in downtown Hyden.Have a great Thursday!~Hannah

Thank you for praying for them. They have just over 2 weeks left in KY.

And keep your shirt on - Sewing Camp Day 4 will be coming up shortly.


Alice said...

great updates, patti. thanks :O)

Patti said...

my pleasure. :-)