Thursday, August 14, 2008

More TN Pics

But, I'm not starting with TN. These were made in Atlanta on our drive up. For those enjoying the rural life, I'm memorializing wide highways with High Occupancy Vehicle lanes. I do not miss city driving even a little bit. Here's the Olympic torch from when Atlanta hosted the 5 rings. My guys have enjoyed watching them this year.
I started calling all the twisting overpasses "spaghetti" on a trip through Houston. We were pleasantly surprised that most of the time, traffic wasn't bad.
One of the places that Stan always has to visit when we go to TN is Smokey Mountain Knife Works whose store contains everything you can want or need with a blade plus many other outdoorish items (and anything else they think people will buy - great cookware dept and special foods). It is also a knife museum with many taxidermied animals and other cool collectables. There are 3 or 4 floors to explore. I tried to get some photos that would show the depth of the place.
I was not expecting us to be able to make this trip since Mini is still not running and
but Stan said that since I REALLY wanted to go that we could look into renting something. It was not as $$$ as we anticipated so we splurged. Kia joined the family for a brief but memorable week complete with 13 cupholders (is anyone ever really that thirsty?), an amazing amount of storage in the back, individual AC vents, and side doors on BOTH sides - but everyone was so used to using the one on the passenger side, I don't know that the other was used except by Jacob who sat beside it. We averaged over 21 MPG & the AC spoiled us.
I liked a special mirror in the front that allowed the front-seaters to keep an eye on the mid & back seaters. Sorta like these photos. It was also our first experience with remote locking/unlocking/alarms. I could get used to this.

The kids noticed right away that the seats were not as comfortable as Mini's. True. It was still a great alternative, and a blessing to get to go.

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