Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay-de to Gray

Gloomy skies are still bringing the blessing of rain. It is now falling diagonally from the other direction. We have branches down but nothing big. Wed. afternoon Stan drove the movable vehicles down to the clearing by where the lake used to be, away from trees just in case some large limbs took the plunge.

Stan just braved the wind & rain to twist the TV antenna back into proper position so we can watch the Olympics, specifically the USA men's basketball game. Messed-up reception was the big complaint last night but it was too dark to fix, so instead of Olympics we played dominoes, TRAIN, to be exact. Rachel beat Stan by 4 points. I was headed for 300 points myself. In case you are not familiar with the game, low score wins...

The cats have been loudly complaining but refuse to come inside. Two look miserable with wet tails. Smokey just grins since he has no tail to get wet. Smug Manx. But he still doesn't like having wet feet.

Stan dumped 1 inch from the rain gauge this a.m. - that's the total for last night. Brings us up to about 3.5 recorded inches from Fay - not sure if we are measuring all that sideways H2O. He just reported that we have some standing water in the lake bed rut so the lake is slowly rising. PTL!

Stan has today off work again but was told Wednesday that if they did not work Thursday or Friday to plan to come in for OT on Saturday.

Jacob had to open at Ace at 8a.m. They are not busy but have sold a lot of propane. Andrew has been kind enough to let him drive Sport so he won't get soaked on Lurch. Andrew did ask Jacob to pitch-in for some gas. Here's a photo of Jacob headed to work taken last week.Do you like his helmet topper? He's been teasing about getting a Mohawk haircut for ages. He is now recognizable to friends in town. His friends. My friends, who call & tell me what they saw him doing. Oh, the joys of small town living. :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your lake is rising and the cats are wet. :) Jacob's helmet topper is cool... but needs the mullet effect in the back. Our dog food bowl on the back deck registered about an inch of rain - hopefully things will green up in TN ! Cuz Tony

Patti said...

I'm glad you guys got some of the rain blessing too. Auntie Elaine said she got some. My mom got more than we did. So unfair! :D