Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Blonde

Since Stan has been home in the evenings, one of the things we have enjoyed doing together is watching Wheel-of-Fortune (glorified hang-man game, but fun) and Jeopardy (the original Trivial Pursuit). We try to figure out the puzzles before the contestants, calling out our answers, sometimes impressed that we know more than those folks actually in the spotlight potentially winning the big bucks.

Yesterday's final jeopardy topic area was "State Capitols".

We were settling back down on our couches after a commercial break ice cream run when Stan announced, "I know ALL the state capitols."

The kids just looked at him.

"Try me," he said. "Ask me any state capitol."

Caleb, trying to pull a fast one, said, "Assyria."
(Yes, we home school...)

Stan looked serious. "I SAID state. Come on. Give me any state."

Andrew said, "Rhode Island."

Stan said, "R!"
Then he crossed his arms & leaned back with a cheesy grin.
We all cracked up.

Yes, we had just lived a blonde joke. Who knew he had it in him?

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