Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

We are "officially" back to school today, although I wonder if it is really possible for a homeschooler to do much that is officially official. And does it even matter?

Caleb & Rachel have been doing their FLVS classes for close to 2 months but were not considered "officially" promoted at church until yesterday.
Yes, Rachel is now in youth. Her brothers have been in training for several months as her protectors. She & I have been discussing the mean-ness that sometimes pervades youth (girls often more than guys) and where her self-worth is (should be!) derrived: She is a child of the King, designed by Him & bought with a high price> so very valuable and precious to Him awa her family. As long as puberty doesn't turn her into a raving lunatic, she should be fine.

And now a moment of silence. I have no kids in the preschool dept. and none on the way. My last child is out of the children's dept. I am torn, half wanting to dance, half wanting to cry. Enjoy those little children!! Enjoy! The days may last forever but the years truly fly.

Now shake yourself off & move onward.

After creating a beautiful "official transcript" to submit to the FL athletic governing body so Andrew can try-out for the basketball team this year, I discovered written in their information that "home schools cannot create official transcripts" so I changed the title to "Student Academic Record" & printed it out anyway. Hopefully they will accept the info and permit him to attempt to make the team.

He didn't make the team when he was a freshman but at the time, I heard certain mutterings about the new coach (who is no longer there) so don't know if maybe he could/should/would have otherwise. Doesn't matter now. He heard about tryouts a couple days too late when he was a sophomore. His college Spanish class was conducted right after high school let out so the time didn't work last year as a junior. This, his senior year, is his last chance at high school basket ball so we'll see (in a couple of months!) if it's a part of God's plan for him this year or not. And, the "official" best part? He has his driver's license so can officially drive himself. :-)

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