Friday, August 29, 2008

Blood, Sweat, Tears and Gas

After several years of being able to jump only on other peoples', we have been blessed with a new (for us) trampoline frame.

My friend, Mardy, is getting her home ready for the market & saw that once again her kids had jumped through their mat. She didn't like the eyesore and didn't plan to buy another mat, so offered the frame to anyone who could use it.
Conversely, my kids managed to break the welds on multiple legs of 2 different Hedstrom trampoline frames - they actually had a recall for this and replaced a number of leg Ts for us before going out of business. (out of business = no more replacement leg Ts) We've kept the frames knowing that in some point in time we will find someone somewhere who can weld those legs back on for us even though we've never really looked for that person...
So, when Mardy offered the frame (which had survived multiple mats) I was happy to help her out. Tuesday, Stan & I drove (= GAS) to Newberry to get it - 1.5 hours in his truck with no A/C in late afternoon (HOT!!!) through rush hour traffic in Gville (= SWEAT). In addition to the frame, we were blessed with a short/sweet visit with the Freemans and cold lemonade.

Wednesday, when Caleb & Rachel put the frame together there were wasps flying around & Rachel was stung (=TEARS but she's fine now!). While stretching the springs from frame to mat, Caleb & Andrew rubbed blisters on their hands & burst them (=BLOOD & other bodily fluids we really don't have to discuss.)
Anyhow, now we have 2 frames with broken legs that can now leave this homestead with the understanding that we really are NOT going to ever get those legs welded back on. Let me know if you want to come get them.
I plan to post pictures once this place gets hopping again.
Pun intended.

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