Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay Effects

Weather update:

At my house, it's been overcast with occasional drizzles most of the week. Stan emptied 7/10 from the rain gauge yesterday. It is raining diagonally now and the trees are waving their arms in surrender.

This has been good, steady rain with almost no thunder and nice cool temperatures. "Thank You, Lord, for the rain." Area lakes could really use the water.

Stan has benefited from Fay by getting a free day off work - free because no leave is used plus he still gets paid. He'll find out later today if he is expected to go in tomorrow or not. Andrew had yesterday off & Jacob has today off but they don't get paid for hours they don't work.

Church canceled services last night. Disappointing but prudent. The Focus on the Family worldview study entitled The Truth Project begins this Sunday with video & discussion groups. Woohoo!

County schools are closed today - not sure if they closed yesterday. My poor homeschooled kids still get to do their schoolwork.
Don't you feel sorry for them?

Weather report just said that Fay is slowly moving in our direction. It's already in Jax with 25mph sustained winds and gusts up to 40. There's a predicted 6 - 20 inch potential rainfall for our county, depending of course, on which direction Fay winds up heading. If you are keeping an eye on us weatherwise, we are approximately latitude 30 N and longitude 82 W.

We are not expecting anything like Hurricane Frances, which left us with no electricity for over a week. Conditions are not bad. Blessings are already evident. I'll keep you posted!

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