Thursday, August 28, 2008

Love that Chocolate Bunny

As a part of our The Princess and the Kiss study, Rachel & I were discussing the difference between true love and romance. I compared true love to a solid chocolate bunny and romance to a hollow bunny which sometimes looks even better on the outside but is lacking in completeness.

I said, "You don't want a hollow bunny relationship but one that's solid, full of chocolate."

"Yea, " she agreed. "Or full of nerds."

Maybe that was a better object lesson than I realized...



Wife and Mom said...

She is so adorable. I cannot believe that she is now in the Youth Department. Wow.

PS--I had this same conversation with Blake recently but borrowed my inspiration from our latest undertaking at the house . . . flooring. I told him that he should wait for the real thing, the solid wood in a relationship, not just a knock off that is merely a glorified sticker on the top of something passed off as wood. Then in fine Blake fashion asked me if we were putting in real wood floors and then I had to admit that we were putting in laminate. I shook my head at the confusion I was causing him and hoped that he understood the original message.

Alice said...

This is so funny !!!! What a hoot!!!! Your're a great mom!!!! It sounds like Rachel got the idea, though, and that's what counts. Like Pam, I can't believe she's in youth already. Wow!