Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay-ding Dreams

In Fay we saw the potential for lake revival. We dreamed of swimming, boating and fishing once again in our own back yard.

Fay appears to be leaving our area. I believe that by adding all the Fay Days together we may get between 5 & 6 inches. We currently have measured approximately 4.75. We could use over 20, but are most grateful for what we have received, and with no notable damage. PTL!

It has been breezy and overcast with sporadic drizzle or rain all day. We have a mess of small branches that need to be hauled to the burn pile once the wind finishes with its removal services.

It was nice enough this evening for us to go for a walk on the "island" and down the road. Stan stepped into the lake where he had mowed, I believe on Tuesday, and estimated that the lake was up maybe 10 inches. It's a little soggy on our property and creeping in from the left.

Sounds like it might be raining again. Lake recovery has got to start somewhere.

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