Monday, August 25, 2008

Face Painting & Veritology: What is Truth?

We had an excellent beginning to FOTF's Truth Project at church last night! Great turnout awa lecture producing discussion & self-examination. The lessons were taped in a classroom where student interaction and reaction adds to the learning environment. The video lecturer, Dr. Tackett, describes himself as our tour guide leading us on a comprehensive and systematic "tour" of worldview using the temple structure to describe the foundation and framework of the course topics, all for the purpose of gazing on the face of God.

Here is the whole tree in a tiny nutshell:
1. First question: "Why was Jesus born?"
Answer: John 18:33-38, " testify to the truth"
Note that man's sinful nature will suppress, distort, reject, and exchange God's truth for lies.

2. The cosmic battle of good & evil: Spirit of Truth vs. Spirit of Falsehood, Reality vs. Illusion
See 2 Thes 2:9-13 for the link between salvation & truth.
Note that every sin that besets us can be traced to a belief founded on a lie.

3. Second question: "What is truth?" *The most important question facing our society today.
Pilot asked Jesus this in John 18, then walked away from Him.
One possible answer: "Truth corresponds with reality as perceived by God." (R.C. Sproul)
Note that insanity is defined as losing touch with reality so that one believes that the lie is true.
> Our actions are the most reliable indicator of our beliefs.
> Faith, hope and trust have no value unless based in Truth.
Colossians 2:2-3 God is the ultimate source of Truth.

4. We were left with one final question to ponder:
"Do you really believe, that what you believe is really real?"

Before the church service, we had a Children's Choir Kick-off Carnival. Rachel said, "Now that I'm in youth, they [the children's department] are doing all these new things!" The kickoff had all the typical church carnival booths: fishing for candy, ring toss, cake walk (brownies & cupcakes in this instance), pick-a-swimming-duckie, bean bag toss, popcorn, corndogs, and a couple of inflatables for jumping around. The children's choir director came around the SS classes a month or so ago asking for help in running the booths.

Our class took on face painting. Fun! I got to paint on people ON PURPOSE for the first time! I even convinced one adult to get a cool cross on her bicep. :-) I might have done a better job if I'd had a chance to practice the designs on paper first or didn't have to lean way over to reach my target cheek.

I had an interesting conversation with a young man while painting a design on his hand. He asked how often we had the carnival and I told him that it was the first one. He commented on all the things that made it enjoyable, then asked, "is this the best one?"
"Well, it's the first one."
"But is it the best?"
How funny! I smiled and said, "Yes! It is the best."
Then was overwhelmed in my brain: and the worst, had the most attendees and the fewest, lasted longest and shortest, etc.
He later returned and blessed me with a brownie.

The first girl bestowed with a painted face figure from moi came back and saw me working on someone else. She announced that she wanted another.
"Sure!" I replied.
She watched me painting and commented, "Your hand is shaking."
"Yes, it is," I agreed.
She watched a moment or two more then said, "I think I'll have someone else do my other one. OK?"
"That's fine," I snickered.

Maybe my Mom would like one for her birthday today? Happy 65th!
Now you just pick out a design for your face & I'll slap it on there for you.
I am now experienced. :-D
And that's the truth.

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