Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Library Workshop at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center

Jan and I went to the one full day of the 3 day Hawaiian themed workshop. We were told that this annual state-wide conference is not scheduled for next year and the future is up in the air. Attendance has been dropping so more regional activities are expected to be planned. I will miss beautiful Lake Yale and the conference center buildings since this is the only activity I've ever attended here. I've appreciated the library workshops because they've opened my eyes to the possibilites awa explained the practical applications of what we do. There are attendees from other states and denominations from large to very small churches, some whose libraries have been in operation for many years and some just looking into how to get started. I always learn new things that help me improve in this ministry. PTL! Maybe a state-wide workshop could be planned biennially instead of annually. That's usually how often I get to attend anyway!
Jan and I made the most of our day, leaving early enough to arrive in time for breakfast and stayed through the final class of the day.

After supper, we were entertained by Margaret Davis, a very imaginative and funny singing ventriloquist from Orlando. She shared her testimony with us and introduced us to her librarian neighbor who helped lead her to the Lord. Precious.

In past years, many large, extremely creative and intricate displays were arranged for our viewing pleasure and to whet our promotional appetite. I always looked at them and thought, "Cool! No way could I possibly do that and even if I tried, I'd have no where to put it." These from this year are much simpler and do-able. If you want to see them better, I believe if you double-click on the photos they will enlarge, right click and save if you want to keep the ideas.

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