Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bargan Friends

Rummage Sale today! Woohoo!

Rachel & I had a blast sorting through the racks & tables, holding up clothing items, trying on shoes, tossing things to each other - some we pack into our paper bag, some we add back to the piles on the tables.
"Do ya like this one? "
"Hay, I think this T will fit Maryn!"
"Let's pick out some ties for the guys."

Rachel still likes to look through the toys. She found some things to add to her hamster cages today awa a CD holder for Andrew & a strangely colored stuffed rabbit. I think it was fuzzy tie-dyed. Bright blue, green & white. He better be fast because he sure can't HIDE in the garden.

I found a sweater that can be kept in the library for chilled church members to borrow.

Rachel & I looked for clothes for her new little cousins - kinda difficult since we have no idea what sizes they wear! LOL. If they don't fit - just pass them on.

At this $1/bag price we are willing to try things that we would never invest even 25 cents into, but not those shiny black plastic pants. No. I don't care that they might fit. Get. Them. Away. From. Me.

Look at all the CUTE SOCKS! I found some for Rachel that have fake fur around the top. For me? Knee highs with big flowers running from the ankles to the top. How fun!

There is value in the merchandise we purchased, certainly greater than what we paid, but my greatest pleasure? Seeing some friends also shopping there who we hadn't seen in awhile. We got to grab a hug & catch up.

Fellowship? Priceless.

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