Monday, August 17, 2009

Prodigal Daughter?

Chapter 6 in Do You Think I'm Beautiful by Angela Hunt makes personal Luke 15: 11-32.

Everytime I have started writing this posting, I've had to get off the pc for some reason - which gave me more time to look over the chapter & pray about my position before my Father God. Perhaps this was an area in which He knew I needed to meditate awhile.

I have read this parable, heard sermons (a couple in the past month) & riviting personal testimonies, seen amazing artistic renderings, cried during the beautiful song and have taught the story in Sunday School BUT never have I so severely applied it to self.


What has the Father given to us? Our share of His estate is the wealth of His
grace, mracy , wisdom and peace. Our riches come from His great love, patience,
forgiveness and strength poured out to us. There have been times when I have
chosen to take His riches and squander them on selfish desire. It's a willful
choosing in spite of a "knowing better".

When I remember some past
choices, it's like watching a video of myself packing it all up, leaving the
dance, and driving off to a place where I am apart from God. I can watch that
video now and think, How stupid was that? But the girl in the video
looks happy. She's excited and curious. She's whistling a tune from teh dance.
She's too smart to be so naive. She thinks her life in the distant land will be
even better, or that a little adventure will surely be fun.

Then, there she is, trudging through the swine-flavored mud.
This mind picture is almost funny > pig wrestling < until I consider that she was the princess at the ball in all her finery, not at all prepared for nor desiring this porcine closeness.

Angela equates modern day addictions of all kinds - any habitual sin outside of God's will that is keeping us away from "the dance", to living in the pigpen.
It's easier to see yourself there now, isn't it?
I love that the prodigal can come to her senses.
The son said to Him, "Father, I have sinned against heaven and against You. I am no longer worthy to be called Your son."

Let's just nail something down right now. We are not worthy. We never could be
even when we thought we might. We are not able on our own. We are not good
enough and never will be. Never have been and never even had a shot at trying.
That's the reason we belong to Jesus - because we are not worthy.
Praise the Lord!

"Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain!"

How amazing that, unworthy as I am, because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, when I am a repenting prodigal returning to my Father God, He runs to me.

Click here to enjoy a beautiful video set to Phillips, Craig and Dean singing "When God Ran".
I'll share my box of tissues.

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