Friday, August 7, 2009

"Pretty is as Pretty Does"

which is Southern for "Well you are kind of homely, but try not to think about it."

My book has arrived!

I'm talkin' about Do you Think I'm Beautiful (the Question Every Woman Asks) by Angela Thomas - remember I mentioned it before? I perused through it briefly, having to leave it behind at the cabin in Blue Ridge since I chose not to steal it - always a good choice that - but knew it would be a good study despite the non-practical title.

If there is a question attached to the soul of a woman, maybe it's Do You Think I'm Beautiful? When God answers from the depth of His great love, it makes some of us feel like The Wallflower Who is Asked to Dance, but we can become distracted from His invitation because of The Other Lovers, Whispers of Unbelief, Noise and Clutter and because we are Sometimes the Prodigal, Sometimes the Elder Brother.
To return to the music and strong embrace of God requires A Desperate and Pursuing Heart. When a woman chooses to remain in His arms of devotion, God gives The Only Hope We Have, His Perfect Love and A Beautiful Crown.
God is enthralled by the beauty of a woman and calls her His beloved. He wildly pursues her heart with romance and intimacy to make her His Beautiful Bride.

I re-read the first chapter in my quiet time this a.m.
Psalm 45:11 "The king is enthralled by your beauty."

Snippets for you:
When you've learned never to ask, longing is banished. Living becomes more
comfortable when it's shallow; that way we can avoid the questions. it is easier
to keep rules than to grab hold of the grace that sets our hearts free to feel.

If the question "Do you think I'm beautiful?" came attached to my soul, then
maybe the answer wasn't ever meant to fully come from this world. Maybe the
purpose of the question is to take me by the hand and walk me into the presence
of the Creator... Maybe all that really matters is what He thinks of me.

If you want to read it too, a used hardcover copy (which is listed at $19.99) is available right here from Amazon for under $5 including shipping.

Yes, I've ordered one for the library but this copy is MINE.

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