Monday, August 31, 2009

Yes, I Did

I know you are wondering if I finished Do You Think I'm Beautiful by Angela Hunt since I was dragging you along, chapter by chapter until I dropped you stopped posting about it. I admit that I found the first few chapters more profound and applicable in my life - perhaps I haven't applied the early truths well enough to fully appreciate the end of the book. Let me know what you think after you read it.

What? You've not purchased your own copy yet? Never fear, it will be available soon in the church library. Stacy asked to borrow MY copy - not sure if she was hoping for juicy margin notes, a quickly available read or no late notice if she keeps it over two weeks. :D

Newest news: The month is no longer in question because THE DATE HAS BEEN SET! The church has been reserved. The PERFECT DRESS has been FOUND & ordered. The Mother of the Groom's dress has been viewed & approved. No, I'm not getting a new one but I will want some new shoes. Shooooooppiiiiiiinnnnnnnnng.
Plus I have to dress my handsome hubby, 2 groomsmen & a maid of honor - not to mention the Groom himself, but I'm sure the bride2B has a good idea what she's looking for there.

Clarification: She's found what she's looking for, just gotta choose his duds.

The 2 mothers with their 2 daughters will be meeting for lunch later this week to discuss "what our kids have been planning".


I forgot to mention the date? Oh, you must not be on Facebook!
May 8, 2010
Mark your calender!


Alice said...

exciting plans :), i can't wait! it's on my calendar already :)

Alice said...

...actually, patti, i love rabbit chases :).

there, let everyone figure that one out - lol!

Lindsay and Co. said...

That's a good date for a wedding, it's my due date for baby #2! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. We've been married for 5, together for 7 and some days it feels like an eternity and some days I forget we're supposed to be the responsible adults! We're not related to the Packard's you mentioned, our family comes mainly from Arkansas. Thanks for stopping by! (oh, PS, I haven't told anyone about baby #2, so please don't mention it on the blog... :) )