Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Other Lovers

No, this is not a confess-all. I know you are disappointed but don't be 'cause it's chapter 3 in Do You Think I'm Beautiful by Angela Hunt.

"We can become distracted from [God's] invitation [to dance] because of the other lovers."

I am so blessed with the relationships God has placed in my life - family & friends keep this walk lively & entertaining, yet, they are only "appetizers intended to make you [ME] want more."

Angela calls them "vessels of God's love". Doesn't that sound wonderful? Sounds like a song - "make me a vessel of God's love to someone today".

expecting other people to fill that empty God-sized hole in our soul will leave us unfulfilled and demands more out of a relationship than people are capable of producing.

You know the other lovers:

the man, who wasn't made to be enough & can never make us whole. He is JUST a man, so let him be who he is & let God fill the depths of our souls.

the other man, the dad. "No other man will be able to fill what your father never gave. The only Person who can give what you have missed is God.

the children, precious as they are, they cannot fill the place that was designed for God.

the friends. "If I wanted to ruin the blessings we enjoy, all I'd have to do is begin to expect her to fill my soul. She'd feel the pressure. I'd be disappointed. We'd grow distant. > That place is reserved for God."

the stuff, which was not even made to be a vessel of love. Stuff can be enjoyed BUT our "need for love can never be filled by the pursuit of stuff." It has nothing to do with our soul.

Can you imagine trying to fill God's place in someone's life?
How draining a thought.
And yet, I know I have done this.
"Please, Lord, help me never to do it again. Fill Your Spot in my soul with Your Holy Spirit."

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