Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wallflowers R Us

Chapter 2 of Do You Think I'm Beautiful by Angela Hunt is entitled "The Wallflower Who is Asked to Dance".

Being a life-long Southern-Baptist who danced mainly in gym class that one semester and NEVER danced a complete dance with a partner of the opposite sex, not even my husband, I figured I would not relate well to this topic. At all.

Plus there's my two left feet and I've always been comfortable as a wallflower.

Do you know what the dance is? The dance is your life. The dance is
you in the arms of God gliding around the center of the room, becoming the woman
He thought of when He dreamed of you. To dance is to say, "I can do that," and
then to magnificently step out into the strength of God's call and shine. to
dance is to grab hold of what you were made to be and then let Him show you how
to become.

Since beginning to dance with God and getting the hang of following,
I have been learning more and more of His love for you & me. In His arms
I've found permission to ask all the questions that have rattled around in my
soul. "Do You think I'm beautiful?" seemed to capture the essence of my
longings, but more questions have since spilled out:

"Do you notice me?"

"Is anyone listening to me?"

"Will You rescue me?"

"Do You really love me?"
Sometimes we taste this love in our lifetime... parents... husband... friend.
But here is the catch about the design of our souls: the love we will know here
on earth will never be enough. We have been made by God for God. To
operate with only the taste of love we get on earth will leave us incomplete.
That's by design.
The cup of our soul will never be filled apart from the love of God.

Bet'cha Grandma would even join in in this dance!

What about you?

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Alice said...

you betcha, patti!