Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life is Zooming Along

Missed me?

Education is officially (meaning we are now doing the recordkeeping) well underway in our home-school. Caleb & Rachel are zooming along in the FLVS classes they started in July. Rachel is 25% completed & still has a 100 average in keyboarding. Caleb is also doing very well in Web Design & is ahead of pace.

Last week we added in a new subject or activity each day, everything but science. With all the wildlife living in the house, science is hands-on every day. For example, on Sunday, Andrew procured for Caleb a female bearded lizard (in my mind the bearded lady - Can you believe that he didn't think "Lady" was a good name?) for whom he had to build a habitat & research a menu > we dug maggots out of the compost bin. That sounds like science to me!

Current critter list: 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 bunny, 2 parakeets, 1 tarantula, 1 bearded dragon, 6 snakes (3 rat, 2 corn, 1 rosy boa) BUT two of the rat snakes showed up just within the last week - one in my foyer, yes (sigh) another home invasion, & will not be permanent in-house residents. I'm taking them to visit a friend's home today to see if one will be adopted by her son. The other will be returned to the wild after being instructed to stay away from ceramic tile floors.

Half of my kids head off to college today - leaving home about the same time but headed in opposite directions. PTL they are commuting & not yet moving away, although Jacob & Maryn have been discussing the "M" word and are much closer to setting a date. Yes, I realize that would most definitely involve a move rather than a commute. :-)

For those of you anticipating the "M", they are examining the pros & cons of August vs. May in relation to college, college funding and Big Creek Missions which may or may not be a part of their next year. Can YOU imagine being married & sleeping at the opposite end of the gym as your new spouse-i-poo for 3 months?

So the questions I leave you with are these:
Will the little rat get adopted & live a life of luxury?
Is August or May the better "M"onth?
What adventures will be experienced this school year?

I'll keep you posted!


Alice said...

i vote for the life of luxury :)

definitely May.

yes, that's science - i've been known to count similar

Patti said...

Hey, Alice!
Both snakes wound up staying with our friends so luxury may be theirs - at least until their dad returns from out of country. :-)

May? Then pray for jobs with insurance, housing & that Jacob will finish his degree after he's wed. Of course, those same prayers would be needed for Aug!

I love science!

Thanks for posting. I'd get so lonely without you. :-)

Cardamom said...

Neat menagerie - we're picking up a pair of parakeets this morning sometime, complete with cage, toys, everything - FREE.

I'm getting ready to take a huge step-back in blogging as well - need to rework everything in the house, organize, declutter - I'm sure you know! :-)