Saturday, June 27, 2009

Power Planters

Some of our church youth group headed to SC this morning on a Power Plant Mission trip.

No, they are not planting power plants but helping a new church called "The Well" to grow in Greenville/Spartanburg. It currently meets at an area YMCA. Nine churches totaling aprox. 250 people will be staying at Rocky Creek Baptist Church while working in this area but I do not know if all are working with The Well.

I thought it interesting that the church facilities are being augmented with NAMB showers & bathroom trailers. The kids, not so much. :-)

Andrew packed the back of the bus headed to 4-H Camp two weeks ago so he's experienced for this job now. Everyone was told to bring only one suitcase & a backpack but also needed linens so pillows and sleeping bags were stuffed in & under seats also.

Ms. Jeannie brought her cooler. You can always depend on her to make sure food is coming. I believe she is the queen of snacking. Yea, Ms. J! :-)
Lift with your LEGS not your BACK, Bro. Jeff!

Bro. Jeff gathered the group for last minute instructions & prayer.
His 3 Rules:
1. No complaining.
2. No complaining.
3. Be flexible.
>That's Caleb's back in the blue T from 4-H camp 2 weeks ago.
Here's the whole gang. I was surprised that more of the youth were not going but others are attending SLU 101 this week plus the P2 people don't get back until July 3/4 so it may have interfered with some vacation plans.

Bro. Scott (far R) is driving the bus & I expect thinking, "Come on & take the picture so we can hit the road already." I heard Ms. Jeannie suggest they stop somewhere for breakfast too. LOL!

Here's the loaded bus. Bro. Jeff looks like he's proposing a toast.

Yes, that's Caleb in the blue with the Shades. Rachel is next to him. Yes! All 3 are going & with Jacob in KY that means Stan & I are CHILDLESS FOR A FULL WEEK.
Stan is not excited. When they were all at 4-H camp I barely cooked! :-) I'm sure I'll do better this time...
Andrew is seated in front of Rachel with his friend, John.

I expect some of you (Aunt Louise, Mom) are wanting more information about Power Plant. Here is their website.

A brief description:
PowerPlant (P2) is a new student missions initiative of the North American Mission Board. At a PowerPlant event, students will be taught evangelism skills and church planting principles. They will also have the opportunity to work alongside church planters in Vacation Bible School, sports camp, evangelism and other ministry teams. This experience is a prepackaged mission trip at a preset per-participant cost. Each project for junior high through college students is one week and all the logistics are handled by NAMB. Groups must complete a pre-project mission study before attending. Project and registration information are available on the Web at

In the mornings, everyone meets for Power Plant workshops/training/worshipful stuff. In the afternoons some (Andrew plans to do this) go out into the community doing some construction projects & meeting other community needs. I know they will be conducting a day camp at the Center for Community Services (food bank, clothes closet & counseling). Caleb is teaching on the ten commandments one day. Rachel helped plan some crafts. Caleb researched some indoor games options.

Other scheduled activities:
Travel. They hope to arrive around 2 p.m.
Help set up "church" at the YMCA & worship at The Well.
Maybe a picnic & visit the cool area park.
Participate in community-wide publicized (TV?) work-site day at the YMCA - "Give Back to the Y Day"
"Work" the city sponsored movie night at the park amphitheater by running the kids area & other stuff as needed.
Trailer Park Fun Night. They are bringing some of the church inflatables for this.
Depart early so they can go to 6 Flags in Atlanta on the way home.

Thank you for praying for my children & all the other participants in this exciting home missions program. Please pray for safety, energy & cooperation as well as the visible Hand of God moving through their efforts. Please pray for the Mitchell family who is the pastoral family of The Well, whom our group hopes to minister to while there also.

"Please, Lord, keep them all close & clean."

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