Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home Invasion

I was on the phone with my mom last night when Stan frantically gestured me into the bedroom; "Hurry!" so I followed him through my room into the master bath.

"Gotta go, Mom. There's a snake in my bathroom that doesn't live here."

I grabbed the washcloth & picked it up - sometimes non-venomous snakes void nasty smelling stuff when you catch them - then headed out of the bathroom & met Stan, who was entering while pulling on some gloves.
After depositing the cute little fella into Miss Piggy's old digs (we have'ta keep it long enough for our 4-H campers to return & see it), we grabbed the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Reptiles & Amphibians and found him there in block 487 and/or 494 (details on p. 652) - a swamp snake!

My guess it that it was up by the house chowin' down on all the smaller-than-my-thumb-nail toads that scatter whenever I go to fetch the newspaper & mail. Stan said it was headed from the bedroom into the bathroom when he saw it so thinks it probably entered under the backdoor. No, we do not have a pet door.

Note proper snake-holding technique, similar to that of a teacup. Extend that pinkie. LOL!

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Khakismum said...

Cool! We get little garden snakes that come in fairly regularly. My cat thinks they make wonderful play things. I'd rather find those than the 6'+ rat snake I herded out of our garage one day and the copperheads we find in the yard all the time!

How very thoughtful your nature study came inside to you! :-)