Friday, June 19, 2009

Everyone Know it's Windy

While I was organizing with Peggy at the church yesterday, it rained & poured. One never knows when it rains in town if it rained at home or not.

This was a yes day. 2.7 inches yes. And wind? - check that off the list too. Approx. 2.5 hours without electricity.
The condition of the road was my first clue. I got to make my way around several of these - note the rubbage on both sides of the road & realize that this has already been partially cleared.

Notice all those leafy bushes in my front yard? Those are branches fallen from the sweetgum trees.

I arrived home to find Stan hauling branches from the driveway & yard to the burn pile (bonfire for New Years?). This is how the place looks after three truck bed loads have been removed.

PTL the only damage we appear to have suffered was the knocking about of our newish antenna. Stan set it back up. It's still a bit crooked, but we were able to watch the telly last night.

Here's some tree damage in the neighbor's yard. I didn't get a good shot of all the trees down in a row in the wooded lot beyond their house (didn't want to go stand in the lake - still not willing to sacrifice THAT much for the shot...). It looks like something just pushed over a whole swash. Do tornadoes do that?

More praises:
No major damage to the house or garage.
Dog survived the storm in the pen.
No flood in the foyer.
That roof leak appears not to have leaked.
No hail.
Vehicles were not damaged.
I was NOT home alone in this storm!
Yes, I realize that I am NEVER alone.
But sometimes it is very nice to have around people with skin.

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