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Big Creek Missions Update #4

BCM has been great for Jacob & Maryn. Thank you so much for praying for them & the ministry there in Kentucky.
Today begins Week 4 and it's Maryn's 21st birthday!
Here's Jacob & a new pal, Douglas.

This is Maryn's community ministry partner, Blake, taken the first week when they worked at a school. But I'll let Maryn tell you about her photos. Some of'em anyhow.

Me and Katie Kibert, the second in command at Big Creek. We call her Momma Katie.

The whole group with all the groceries we bought for the family who's house burnt down.

The burned down house.

Us again with one of the ladies and her little boy who lived in the house.

Construction at Jacob's job site last week. I'm not sure which project it was but expect it was one of these:

Project 4:
Homeowner's name: Patsy Smith
Ms. Smith is a single mother with her daughter (Bridget, 16 yrs.). She lives next to much of her family including her sister. Ms. Smith is a hard worker and has done all she can and is now thankful to receive any and all repairs on her home.
Need 1: Build new porch (6'x8')
Need 2: Seal roof
Tools/Equipment: Safety glasses, work gloves, any framing tools including cordless drill(s) and circular saw(s).
Project 5:
Homeowner's name: Bonnie Lewis
Ms. Lewis lives alone with her dog and many cats. She is very welcoming and loves to talk with visitors. Ms. Lewis is eager to meet those that will be interacting with her in week 3!
Need 1: Bathroom floor
Need 2: Porch and handrail on existing porch (Porch to be built is 6'x8')
Need 3: Underpinning around entire home
Tools/Equipment: Safety glasses, work gloves, any framing tools including cordless drill(s) and circular saw(s), shovels (round point), mattock, any other hand excavating tools that would help with underpinning.
Here's the group with the completed porch! Jacob's in the green on the right.

Jacob is happy and proud of his group this week, everybody is getting along nicely and the work is getting done right on schedule. God is AMAZING and keeps His promises!
June 17 at 5:41pm

Look! He's in green again! In the midst, anyhow.
When J has some down time on the weekends (usually noonish on Saturday to mid afternoonish Sunday) he has enjoyed climbing the hills around the mission.

The first time Tyler was his climbing buddy. He was accompanied by four guys on the next hike

on which they found two turtles, destined for Kevin's shower I hear. This may have been June 20. It's important for guys to keep busy...

Katie Hi kevin! This is Jacob! I stole katies phone!!!!! Now she is chasing me. June 20 3.05pm
Patti at 11:46pm June 20
No, that's not MY Jacob. Mine doesn't steal phones. Must be some other Jacob.
Kevin at 12:24am June 21
There's only one Jacob here. Just one. and yes, he's yours!!

Here's the guys piled onto Kevin's bed (K is in the aqua designed shirt on the right). I don't know if this is an annual event. It looks an awful lot like the "nap attacks" called on Rachel's bed by her brothers. I'm sure Jacob did not start this. Nah. Couldn't be.

Here he's playing around with Jaron. It looks like something I've seen him do with Keifer. Hear the hungry carnivorous dinosaur snarling at the poor herbivore?

Me, Maloree, and Lacy with the same nail polish!
Guys climb mountains. Girls do their nails. Pedicure anyone?

The girl's table at Steak n Shake.
Facebook chat Monday, June 15
so glad to hear of the salvations there (7 1st week, at least 8 2nd week - all from volunteer groups)
any in the community?
it's amazed!!
believe it or not, none so far. that's just weird!!
what is usual?
salvations in the community
usually any from vols?
last year about 50
not many at all (in volunteer groups)
so God potentially has a different plan so far this summer
yes, it's all good. i won't complain. . .his purposes and plans are greater than ours!!
ru preachin?
are these responses at evening worship times?
although i do preach, we don't do altar calls - respecting the local church and their youth pastors
we dismiss straight to church groups. most have happened in church groups
did Jacob meet his cousins?
last week?
yes, he did. in fact, one was saved last week
i have to run. . . . .
we'll catch up soon!!!
:) they are both doing very well and appear to be having a good time :)
A Great Day 2 posted Jun 16, 2009 9:22 PM by Volunteer Editor

Here at Big Creek Mission we are experiencing many wonderful events and moments with Jesus!
Today our construction groups worked on floor repairs at a nearby home. In Douglas' group, the crew is doing a second roof at Ulysses Creek. Continue to pray for safety and endurance for all of our great construction people!
Community made a difference today by purchasing groceries for a family in need. Weekly they shop at Manchester IGA using a budget-$40 to provide a week of meals! Our students do an awesome job and report buying items such as Hamburger Helper, milk, and other nourishing items. Tomorrow Maryn's group plans to go to God's Closet. Drew's group is headed to Cutcheon Senior Center. Please pray that we would relate Jesus through relational ministry.
Daycamps had another great day. At Manchester, 13 children came to the weekly pool day. It is always so neat to see our groups mentor and spend quality time with our children! In Hyden, daycamps enjoyed a great day of lots of fun activities and learning.
God is continuing to work at Big Creek in amazing ways! Tonight Kevin spoke on the healing of the the blind man in John 9. We continue to see that our God allows things to happen-all to His glory. In John 9, when people tried to blame the man for his own blindness (due to his sin), in verse 3, our God tells us that "Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in Him."
May we all continue to know that our circumstances have purpose...that God may be revealed and get glory.~Hannah
Another Rainy Day in Kentucky...can't stop us! posted Jun 17, 2009 9:43 PM by Volunteer Editor
We are welcoming the storms here in Kentucky once again! We are all learning how to be flexible and still serve, despite the rain.

The construction ministry still persevered throughout the rain. Although they could not follow their original plans, they were able to work together as a group and still accomplish their new tasks.

The community ministry is serving in various ways throughout the community. Today, one group visited God's Closet in Manchester to sort through clothes, while another group visited Compassionate Hearts in Hazard. The students and adults in the community ministry are actively serving this area and reaching out to the people of Kentucky.

Daycamps are still up and going in Manchester and Hyden. Today in Manchester, there were eight children present, and Hyden had a total of 29 kids. The children each have their own Bible now, and are learning how to use them.

In addition, God is opening doors to start new day camp sites in Clay County. Continue to pray for this ministry, as details are still being worked out.


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