Friday, June 19, 2009

Cluttered Cabinet Un

At the beginning of each homeschooling year, when welcoming new members & leaders in the homeschooling support group, THA, I endeavor to remember to show them our supplies. This metal monster has housed our crafty, organizational & PE stuff since it was donated for our co-op the '98-'99 school year. Many of the craft supplies are that old.
Early this past school year, when showing the innards of the cabinet & mentioning that it needed straightening, Peggy volunteered to help!

Since my kids have been at 4-H Camp this week, we tackled it yesterday. Peggy is diligently creating an inventory (What a great idea! Why did I never think of that? - I actually think because I have no laptop. That makes a good reason to go shopping. Yes? ) to make available to group leaders this coming year. On the table is only part of the cabinet's guts since we'd already repacked 2 shelves: paper goods & painting.

Her kids were great! Watching a couple library DVDs and drawing a couple of pictures kept them busy most of the time we were busy.

That's a cabinet that purrs invitingly, "Come use my supplies. They are easy to find. You know you want to paint and make artsy things!"

Don't 'cha feel ready for school to start now??

Nah, me neither!

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