Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miss Piggy & Miss Scarlet

But we're not sure that they are female & I guess in the snake world they could be considered married...

Recent additions to the reptile room (aka Andrew & Caleb's bedroom) are this scarlet snake which was rescued from the cats (who have forgiven us for stealing their moving toy) and a hognose snake (aka puff adder) which was found on the campout.
We were uncertain if Miss Scarlet would live due to all the bodily punctures but it is looking better & has managed to down several pinkies. It has not been aggressive at all.
This is one of the snake types often confused with a coral snake even though it has a gray/white stripe rather than yellow.
"Red on yellow kills a fellow
Red on black, you're okay, Jack"
Coral snakes in our rural paradise always have a black nose. For a while we averaged killing one a year.
Miss Piggy provided much entertainment at the campout by first spreading the excess neck skin to appear cobra-like and producing a hiss like something 3 times her size and the end of the tail was curled up tight like a piggy's corkscrew.. It then played dead, over and over again - at least 20 minutes of dying - would've made any Shakespearean tragedy proud. I chose this photo so you could see the upturned nose & curved mouth. This snake has not attempted to strike at anyone and has not played dead nor impersonated a cobra while in captivity. It has chowed down on several toads.
I chose this photo so you could see how flat the underside is. This snake has the roughest (largest scales) skin of any we've held. Excess skin - for the puffing - can be stretched out on each side of the neck. Very interesting snake but not remaining in captivity. It tries to get out all the time & eats frogs & toads which we'd prefer to live in the yard reducing our insect population. Maybe we'll have the opportunity to play with it out on the island in the future.

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