Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Creek Missions Update #2

Compiled from Facebook & the Big Creek Site

Hello all! We are now approaching the end of week one of Summer Missions! This has been a phenomenal week of service on the various ministry sites here in the community, and we have been blessed to have groups from Alabama and Tennessee.
We would like to thank Calvary Baptist Alcoa, Calvary Baptist Tuscumbia, Grace Baptist Bethpage, Dotson Memorial, and Little River for their service to this community, and their servant hearts.

We have had a great week of serving in construction, community, and day camps. The construction ministry (Jacob serving here) has been working on finishing the roof at Big Creek, as well as serving at two other locations. Community (Maryn serving here) has traveled to God's Closet to sort through clothes, delivered food to families in needs, and have visited with several senior adult centers and adult day cares.

The day camp ministry has been working in three different locations this week. Due to students in Leslie County still being in school because of snow days, day camp in Hyden could not take place. Instead, the principals at Hyden Elementary and Hayes Lewis Elementary schools have allowed groups to come in and minister to and hang out with the students. In Manchester, the day camp has gone from having no children on Monday to 15 kids registered by Thursday.

The staff of Big Creek Missions is incredibly blessed to be working with amazing students, and we are excited about the work they have been doing this week in this community!
From Megan, one of the Manchester track group leaders
Kevin Rogers: "Week 1: amazing! Seven students HERE believe & confess for the first time. MANY seeds planted, many residents touched. We're exhausted and looking forward to doing it all over again!"

"We welcome a new crew of Churches to Big Creek Missions this week (June 7). Over 200 volunteers are serving at our mission center, and all have arrived safely! The students are unpacking and preparing for dinner. "

Maryn has dealt with a cold but is feeling better. Her status late Friday: Learning more and more about God every day! And about to go to the bonfire!
Sunday morning: Got to sleep in!! orientation again today.
Sunday evening: Getting ready to meet her new group!

Jacob's statuseses: Getting ready for worship tonight then another busy day tomorrow. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!June 4
Glad that the weekend is almost here.... SLEEEEP!!!!!! June 5
Starting a new week with a new crew, and is praying hard that this group will be as fun and hardworking as the last one. 6:28a.m. Monday
Glad to see he has Pringles. He can live off them, Pop Tarts, peanut butter & Mountain Dew.
Construction Projects for Week 2 (June 7)

Project 1:
Ms. Brown is a very kind woman with big smile and big heart! She lives alone as her husband is deceased. She has already expressed her gratitude for any and all repairs that will be made to her home.

Need 1: Need to dig ditches around house to route stormwater runoff away from the house.
Need 2: Replace/Repair guttering, soffits, and fascia board.
Need 3: Exterior painting. Homeowner desires white paint for all trim work (approx. 3 gallons) and barn red paint for the rest of the exterior (approx. 5 gallons)
Need 4: Replace/Reinforce/Repair subflooring in kitchen of home.

Project 2:
Ms. Lois Brown is a single mom. She has two kids that both go to Leslie County High School Adam, 16 yrs. and Courtney, 15 yrs.). She works at the local senior citizens home to provide for her family.

Need 1: Replace entire kitchen sub-flooring (18'10" x 10'2")
Need 2: Replace 8 windows in home (5 measure 30x53, 1 measures 25 1/2 x38, 1 measures 58 1/2x38)

Project 3:
Mr. and Mrs. Day are very kind people who simply love people. There 5 year old granddaughter (Angela) stays with them while her mother works. This little girl is very smart and wants to become a veterinarian when she grows up.

Need 1: Repair entire roof
Length of house is approx. 41'
Width of roof from edge to ridge is 12'10".
Porch on side of house is approx. 9'.

Project 4:
Ms. Feltner is a middle aged woman who is on disability. She has friends and relatives who help her with things around the house.

Need 1: Seal roof with cool seal. Roof material is still in good condition, leaking where screws hold metal to trusses. (10 gallons cool seal)
Need 2: Reconstruct front porch (20'x6')

Project 5:
Mr. and Mrs. Feltner are two very friendly and talkative people. They are very open about how much the Lord has blessed them and has expressed that any amount of repair is a blessing from the Lord!

Need 1: New roof on home. The home is 70'x14'. The distance from the edge of the roof to the ridge is 7'5"
Need 2: Kitchen sink to have plumbing installed for drainage. (They currently have a 5 gallon bucket to catch all drain water or anything else that goes down the sink.)

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