Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Creek Missions Update #3

Maryn & Jacob's correspondence
From a jeopardy game we did on stage that was really funny!

Part of my first group at Cutshin Senior Center playing checkers.

The staff fridge. Notice it is full of caffeinated and energy drinks. lol.

Friday we had a cookout.

We went to a Mexican restaurant Saturday night after seeing the movie "Up".

Sunday morning the guys all had a hair buzzing party out back. Kevin and Jacob were the first. We all sat around and watched.

From Maryn:
Hi!! The past few days have been great!! I really love my new group. it's 15 people, 3 adult ladies, and 3 boys. All of them are really nice and willing to serve. Yesterday we had training and my team cleaned the building. We've moved into the gym which hasn't been too bad. We stayed up Sunday night telling stories in our little lounge which consists of two couches, 3 fridges, and a table. Last night we had a dance off in the gym which was fun. Today was a really good day. It started out scary! We called the school we were going to and they were gone! So I was trying to call other places but none of them picked up their phones so we were really panicking! Right when it was time to head out and we were calling frantically, we got a call! The high school janitor was calling for help this morning! We were praising God!!! Yay!! We went there and cleaned out lockers, which was interesting. After that we had to go back to big creek b/c one kid was sick. (some kind of stomach bug has been going around. I haven't gotten it thankfully).

Then we went to God's Closet, an amazing ministry that distributes food, clothing, and even has two rooms where people in need can stay. It's an amazing place! You should look it up (click on the link above). It's in Manchester. Anyway, our group went to the grocery store and had 40 bucks to spend on a family of 3 who were in need, for a week. We got to deliver it and it was really great! Then I went to the post office with Katie Kilbert, the other leader of Big creek; she's kind of his (Kevin) helper and she runs the day camps.

HEY EVERYBODY!!!!! My week is going great! I've been leading/serving this group by myself since Sunday. It consists of two adults/drivers and twelve "students" and me! (makes 15) Neither of my groups has had health or "drama" issues, which is SO non-stressful. Last week we worked on closing in a porch and re-enforcing the roof struts in an ancient mobile home. It was difficult the last few days because of weather issues. We ended up leaving the project on Friday short one OSB sheet and two gallons of paint. SOOOO CLOSE!!! I was amazed at how God sped up our work and enabled us to do so much with so little actual work time! This week it looks like we're going to finish two days early; not necessarily a good thing. Our project this week is to redo the gutters, soffets, and plywood on a cinder block and wood sheet home. We also have to repaint the entire outside of the house. We've been working for a grand total of about six hours and we are about another six hours (at most) from completion. My group is very hardworking! The food here is good (Mexican tonight!) and I eat way more than I should every single day. I am going to gain forty pounds this summer. :)

Week Two-Day Three
From Big Creek website
written by Volunteer Editor Megan
The week is moving right along and we are seeing God work in multiple ways!

In the community ministry, groups went to Laurel Creek Nursing Home to fellowship with others, and lead the residents in craft projects. Another group went to the Hyden Senior Center and exercised with the people there, and also visited Hyden Manor. At Hyden Manor, the community group encountered a man who loved to praise Jesus, even though he could only sit in his chair in the lobby.

The day camp ministry is continuing to grow as well! The Hyden day camp had 28 children today, and Manchester has grown to 15 kids! Please continue to be in prayer for these groups, as they are working to minister to these children and share Christ's love.

As for the construction ministry, they are continuing to work despite the heat. The adults and groups are fantastic and are working fully to the glory of the Lord.

We still have no air conditioner for the gym here at the school, but we are surviving! This week has been great and we are thankful for the way God provides!

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