Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stock Broker Wisdom

My Aunt Louise sent this email:

I called my stockbroker today and asked, "What are you buying"?

His answer: "Canned goods and ammunition".

Some days that seems like an excellent answer...

I cannot believe no one had an answered prayer to share. Does this mean God answers just the way you were expecting?

I know that some prayers are so huge it's hard to know WHAT to expect but was there really nothing you could share to proclaim the Hand of God at work in your life?


Alice said...

sorry, kind of fell behind on blog reading. i have had lots of prayers answered recently - not all the way i wanted, but i knew they were the way God wanted - and that's what counts. prayers for no pain, for an easy transition out of this world and into eternity, prayers for spouses left behind and then children left behind. everything is working out and God is good!

Patti said...

Yes He is.
All the time.