Friday, May 22, 2009

Makin' Butter

To make butter you start by purchasing cream from the store OR you get blessed with some milk from a friend's cow - see the cream at the top?

Then you carefully scoop cream into a smaller container.

Now it's time to SHAKE, SHAKE SHAKE!
Shake your cream. Shake your cream!
For 20 minutes or so, so no, I did NOT sing the whole time. In fact, Caleb did most of the shaking then gave up so I won the prize > butter!
After pouring off the buttermilk into the bottle you see holding a funnel, the butter is scrapped into a bowl then mashed (my friend says to use a wooden spoon so don't tell her I used metal because I do not own any wooden spoons & haven't since Jacob was a wee tot. I think you may know what happened to them if you dwell on the time period...)
The butter is mashed to remove as much buttermilk as possible - which I save to cook with - so the butter will not spoil as quickly.

After stirring in just that much salt, the butter is soft, tasty & ready to spread
on home made bread
for Caleb with his hairy head
who then said,
"Can I, uh, MAY I have some more?"

"Of course, dear. We have a bowl full.


Kerri said...

Looks yummy! We made butter once in baby food jars. I just remember how LONG it took and all the kids gave up so I was left shaking all the jars. hehe

Patti said...

Last time we took turns shaking & rolling the pictured container. We didn't get toooooo tired that way. Can't imagine shaking a bunch of baby food jars.