Saturday, May 9, 2009

Life at the Reptile House

What would you do if you suddenly noticed movement as a small orange, black & white snake shaped head with a flickering tongue stretched out from under the magazine rack in your reading room (at my house, the master bath...) then watched the rest of the body saunter across the tile floor toward your closet? And you had just ditched your last stitch of clothing to step into the shower.

Me? I just recognized Ziggy, Caleb's friendly zigzag corn snake, grabbed him, shrugged into my robe & returned him to his owner.

Caleb grinned. "He must have gotten out when I had his tank opened."

Andrew reminded me with a shrug & smile, "Snakes like bathrooms."

Funny. The snake lives at the opposite end of the house in Caleb & Andrew's room & was initially found in the boy's bathroom.

Tangelo, like Ziggy, was once found in Rachel's (hall) bathroom prior to anyone noticing he was out.

Contrarily, when Slick escaped a week or so before a visit from the in-laws, we searched the place, concerned that he would tuck himself into someone's suitcase for a nice vacation to TX. My MIL kept her eyes peeled but he didn't show until about a week after they headed home when he was found in the boy's bathroom trying to hole-up inside their bathroom scale > took some work getting him out!

Moral of this story?
Beware of magazine racks & weighing yourself.
Oh, and you may want to reconsider before visiting one of the necessary rooms in my house...

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