Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jacob & Maryn

Remember AGES ago when we went to TX & I told you I took prodigious amounts of photos both of Andrew (for graduation) & the newly engaged couple?

Since Jacob & Maryn have headed to Big Creek Missions to work for the summer, I thought I'd work up this "tribute" blog so you can see my favorite shots from the TX trip. BTW, Kevin was VERY IMPRESSED that they packed ALL the stuff they needed for the summer in one suitcase each and two carry-ons each. (Ask me about the vulture with the two dead rabbits some time.)

Here they have loaded up Maryn's folk's trunk for the drive to Orlando to catch the flight to TN where cousin Kevin picked them up & drove with them to Big Creek. If you think Jacob looks a little blurry it's 'cause they picked him up at 7 a.m. to get the kiddos to the airport on time.
The following photos were taken at the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio.
You can see why some people choose to get married here.

This is such a pretty spot it almost looks like a backdrop.

The rest of the photos were taken on the Alamo grounds.
Recognize some of these cacti from Andrew's pics?
This would even look nice with a waist-high crop.
Made as we were headed back to the van. Such a beautiful and huge old tree shading that cute couple.


Whitney said...

Gorgeous photos!

Patti said...

Thanks, Whitney!

Alice said...

i know you are going to miss them! praying for them both this summer!