Thursday, May 21, 2009

Graduation Stuff

Last Sunday, graduates were recognized in the a.m. church service including getting their pictures on the front of the bulletin > nice little keepsake. Both my big guys were honored: Andrew for graduating from high school & Jacob for earning his AA. They were called to the front of the church complete with words about their achievements & plans, given little gifts then prayed over. Amen!

I would love to be able to show you pictures of this moment in time but Stan was manning the photo opp as my camera batteries bit the dust so nada. sigh. After a quick trip to Walgreen's, I was able to snag the following shots of events from the rest of the celebratory day.
A church luncheon for the grads & their families was next on the memory making agenda.

Here's my two grads chowing down.

Bro. Jeff blessed us with encouraging & challenging words then let the grads & families talk a little bit on the mic.

Does he look happy?

Notice how the color of the floor makes that balloon weight appear to be floating.

Funny brothers. I feel blessed that they are also friends.

Traditional family shot.

Notice how Rachel looks taller than Jacob. LOL! Sloucher!

Proud parents!

Andrew & his best friend, Matthew, came to the library to show me their robes. Matthew had invited Andrew to sing with the high school choir for their baccalaureate service several weeks earlier so he (Andrew) practiced with the students several days after work in preparation. They even managed to find a cap & gown for Andrew to borrow. Way cool!

Andrew's name made it into the printed program as a part of the senior choir. I know, not really a biggie - but we homeschoolers enjoy not-really-biggies like this. :-)

At the baccalaureate fellowship with Matthew on one side and a homeschooled until high school re-acquaintance, Zach, on the other.

See Stan & Rachel in the background?

Hey! Another photo opp with 2009 balloons!

When the youth choir sang in the p.m. service, I took the opportunity to snag a photo of my three singing since Andrew won't be up there much longer.
I tried three different camera settings to attempt to combat the distance and lighting. This may be the "indoor lighting" setting.
This may be automatic.
This may be landscape. I'd ask you which you think turned out the best but since I don't really recall what I did so cannot repeat it...
I hope it was memorable for my two guys. I'm so pleased with what they've accomplished. I'm even more thrilled to see them walking with the Lord. I pray that their walk will take them ever closer to that Best Friend who sticks closer than a brother.

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