Friday, May 22, 2009

Book Swap 2009

With people already sayin' what they plan to do next year at the bookswap AND with us hosting it the same weekend (the Friday before the baccalaureate so the tables are up for us), it sounds like an almost official annual occurrence to me. We had over 20 "sellers" with at least 3 people coming in just to leave their materials on the free table - and some of it was really great stuff, let me tell ya.
We had an area set up for those interested in home education to watch information from HSLDA on the TV but never had to start that DVD since we just sent folks around to veterans to answer their questions & made use of the materials sent by FPEA honcho Gary Weaver.
Kids sat in the center section watching DVDs from the church library or shopped with their folks. I heard that a couple people had reunions at the bookswap, calling family to "come on down" to see who was there so they could grab a hug & catch up. I admit - I grabbed a few hugs myself. :-)
Aside from the socializing & networking, it was great to know that some of the materials used in our home schools could now be used in other home schools and cool to make some great purchases for our own kids.
I'm glad I have all summer to reorganize my school room.

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Stacy said...

Patty, That is exciting, Your leadership has been a blessing to the homeschool community. I had books to donate but missed the date. Maybe next year. We are happy for the boys. Dave has enjoyed getting to know them at Ace. Im thankful the Lord brought you and your family to Trinity. I cant believe RACHEL is already 13 and so tall. She reminds me of Apryl at that age.