Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Dandelions

Three cheers for new camera batteries so I could download my photos! Click the photos to make them full size.

As I mentioned before, Rachel & I were blessed with a photo shoot by my talented friend, Alice. She allowed me some target practice in the flowery field also. I liked this "batter up" pose.

Please forgive this unflattering Alice angle. Look upon it recalling all the bad photos made of you (I'm thinking of ME here) & she looks faaaabulous, daaahling.

We had some cool props in addition to God's created wonders & the property owner's, uh, to quote the kids, "stuff" : Rachel brought her hat & wore her freshly polished boots. Alice provided her grandfather's chair & the frame borrowed from Pam - another fantastic artist with a blog you should view. -- She had a huge photo shoot happening the same day. Alice encouraged us to get to the field early before the lighting was perfect for all the other shutterbugs.

I learned about lighting for photography: shade = good.
Too much direct sun = bad.
Rachel seemed to enjoy being the center of attention since you know she is ignored all the time here.

I like this one best I think.
Who knew red, purple & yellow - not to mention green, could look this good together.
Well, yes, I know He knows...

Here's the back of the field. The flowers are finished for this season but, Lord willing, will remind us of our Great Creator's artistry again next year.


Alice said...

it was my pleasure, patti :O). you got some good shots here - i can't believe how fast the flowers are gone. i'm even OK with the shot of me :) - hardly ever get a shot of myself, so that's fine :O). love you!

Whitney said...

Looks great! Also, I am sad that the flowers are gone for now too. Looking forward to seeing them again next year, too! But, for now, it's good to get control of my allergies once again :)

Unless you want squinty eyes, you're right..shade = good, direct sunlight = bad! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

love these

Wife and Mom said...

Thanks for the reference to me Patti--you are too kind. I enjoyed seeing you two out in the flowers that day. Rachel has just grown up so much and she is a beautiful young woman beginning on the inside and definitely so pretty on the outside! It is very enjoyable watching her growing up and loving the Lord like she does.

Maybe next year I'll get my camera on that sweet face too!