Tuesday, May 19, 2009

13 Years

May 1996 Answering Machine Message by "I only do boys" Stan:
"I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! We have a baby girl! Rachel Emily was born May 19 at 9am weighing 8 pounds even and 20 and one half inches long.
Mommy and baby are both doing fine."

Here's Stan's "Blondie" - hard to believe she had nearly black hair at birth. Wish I could show you come of those darling dark curls but I... just... couldn't... cut... it.
You can see that even at a young age she liked to help & was sure to dress for the occasion.
As my only daughter, she is my communicator! She's always been a social butterfly so was thrilled this a.m. when I let her open a facebook site.

Here's a sweet profile shot with her (at that time) favorite stuffed animal in the neck of her pjs. What a sweetie. Don't cha' just wanta pinch those chubby cheeks?
In TX at the Japanese Sunken Gardens this spring, not to be outdone by that engaged couple or graduating brothers, she made sure to pose for a few shots of her own.
She is growing into a beautiful young lady while at the same time doing a great job taking after her tom-boy mama by playing with wildlife & riding those horses.
Her highest goal & greatest achievement this year: growing taller than said mama. And she will be happy to prove it to you anytime you want! Happy birthday my sweet, talented, loving, helpful, friendly & fun Rachel. May your walk with the Lord grow ever closer as you learn to lean on Him alone for the desires of your heart.


Wife and Mom said...

You've always been one on my very favorite girls. It is so refreshing to watch you grow up into such a beautiful young woman that loves the Lord. Your "kind" are becoming very scarce in this world that we live in. Thanks for always being so sweet to me and to my sweet Brooke. She really looks up to you girls and I am thankful there are a few of you left worth looking up to. I will look for you on Facebook but I am also waiting for the day that you have your own blog! haha Patti-don't you love me for suggesting that?!

Pam and Brooke

Patti said...

I actually gave her the choice - one or the other & she chose FB. Now I just have to keep my social child off the PC long enough to do her school work!

Alice said...

happy birthday, rachel! i love the picture of her sleeping. i have so many sleep shots of my kids and they are usually my favorites :O). rachel is growing into a beautiful young lady!

Abby Elizabeth said...
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Abby Elizabeth said...

Rachel, you have been such a sweet friend to me. I cant wait to be in youth with you next year. P.S I know I will never be taller then you:)

Cardamom said...

How cool! My oldest daughter was born May 18, 1995, and lately she dresses JUST like your daughter - jeans, camo shirt, and camo ball cap! LOL And we let our children use Facebook when they're 13...